Same Sex Weddings: Tips for Great Décor

same sex wedding decor
When it comes to decorating a same sex wedding, they can be anything but traditional. Ranging from subtle to loud-and-proud, there are lots of ways you can decorate a ceremony and reception.
Take a Seat
There are many cutesy options for this that you can find on sites like Pinterest, but you may wish to make it more personalized. Instead of saying “Pick a seat, not a side” here are some great twists:


  • “Pick a Seat, Not a Side: Either Way it’s For a Bride”
  • “<–Grooms Side …… Grooms Side –>”
  • Use the names to indicate sides
  • Use pictures of the future newlyweds

Escort Cards and Wedding Favors
One idea that could double as escort cards and wedding favors is a little planted succulent plant. These little favors are great for lasting longer than bubbles or other small trinkets. These even have great symbolism behind them.
Another great idea is to send them home with a candle that is rainbow colored in order to show off your pride!
same sex weddingMaking it a Little More Subtle
Who says your decorations need to include rainbows? It should be all about the two brides or two grooms. Use your favorite colors as the scheme, or possibly even colors that symbolize where you first met. This could mean school colors, company colors, or even sports teams.
Wedding Toppers
Usually you see a man and a woman standing on top of the wedding cake. However now you can put your own toppers with your corresponding gender.
If you’re a cat or dog lover then consider putting breeds that you feel represent yourself and your significant other. Or, to go the extra mile, you can have one custom made for you to look like you and reflect your personality!
There are a number of ways you could approach decorating your wedding. Whether it’s done to reflect the couple or to show off Gay Pride, it should be all about you and your loved ones!

Top 10 Outdoor Wedding Venues In Chicago Near Water

Elopement Ceremony alongside the Chicago River at River Esplanade Park

Elopement Ceremony alongside the Chicago River at River Esplanade Park

Warmer months aren’t too far off in the future for the Chicago area; and before you know it, outdoor weddings will be on many engaged couple’s event planning lists, if not already. If you’re looking for a lovely backdrop for a wedding ceremony, vow renewal, commitment or elopement ceremony, which includes a small, medium or large body of water or fountains, then consider any of these top ten locations in Chicago.

The Adler Planetarium, Foster Beach, Milton Lee Olive Park, Navy Pier and Promontory Point sit right on Lake Michigan. The beauty of the water’s color when the sun hits it just right can give off a tropical hue, making you believe for an instant that you’re on an island in the Pacific. If you’d like to have yachts and sailboats captured in the background of your wedding photos, these would be prime locations for this.

If smaller bodies of water or locations that feature a water fountain or two away from the high winds of Lake Michigan is more appealing, then consider the Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool, Buckingham Fountain, Lake Shore East Park, Peoples Gas Education Pavilion or River Esplanade Park. River Esplanade Park is an especially unique site due to it not only being situated on the flowing waters of the Chicago River, but it boasts a water fountain alongside the river, as well as a colossal water spray that is turned on periodically spanning across the river.

Keep in mind, if you’re planning an outdoor ceremony to have ready an indoor backup location due to inclement weather. Unfortunately, this is one of the drawbacks of planning an outdoor wedding. It’s all in the hands of Mother Nature and her mood that day.

Milton Lee Olive Park – A Popular Outdoor Wedding Venue in Chicago

Milton Lee Olive Park - Chicago, Illinois

Milton Lee Olive Park – Chicago, Illinois

One of the most popular wedding venues in Chicago would be Milton Lee Olive Park, which is just north of Navy Pier in walking distance. This location is popular anytime of the year due to its excellent backdrop of the water, as well as the famous, breathtaking Chicago skyline. There are sections along the main path lined on both sides with trees and smaller, serene paths throughout the park. As you look to the north, there’s a ‘school’ of yachts and sailboats parked, when they aren’t cruising out on the water of Lake Michigan–but only during the boating season, of course.

Not only does Olive Park include a woodsy environment, but directly to the west of the park…just steps away…is a sliver of a beach. So you have the best of both worlds when it comes to photographing your wedding day…having some shots taken in a forest of trees, some over the water on the convenient platform cutout, and others with you frolicking on the beach…maybe even slipping off your shoes dipping your toes into the water for a spell. You just may want to pack your swimsuits, if you’re having your wedding ceremony on one of Chicago’s notoriously hot, humid days of the summer.

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Rev. Éva LaRoche
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Owner of A Perfect Fit Rev

Hello and welcome to my new blog! I’d like to introduce myself right quick. I’m Reverend Éva LaRoche, and I’m an ordained minister and wedding officiant; as well as the wife of a wonderful man for the past 27 years, a mother of two lovely children and have been many different things in between. The ‘in between’ things have contributed to my vast experience in writing and speaking in front of large groups of people on and off camera, as well as many years of customer contact relations and are the reasons why I am highly capable of performing all types of ceremonies.
Nothing makes me happier than making other people happy…and what better way by officiating ceremonies, playing a huge part in two people’s lives that will make for one of the most joyfully dreamy, poignant days they will ever experience, as people gather in the name of love witnessing their leap of faith into a lifelong commitment by marrying the love of their life!

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