Same Sex Weddings: Tips for Great Décor

March 23rd, 2015

same sex wedding decor
When it comes to decorating a same sex wedding, they can be anything but traditional. Ranging from subtle to loud-and-proud, there are lots of ways you can decorate a ceremony and reception.
Take a Seat
There are many cutesy options for this that you can find on sites like Pinterest, but you may wish to make it more personalized. Instead of saying “Pick a seat, not a side” here are some great twists:


  • “Pick a Seat, Not a Side: Either Way it’s For a Bride”
  • “<–Grooms Side …… Grooms Side –>”
  • Use the names to indicate sides
  • Use pictures of the future newlyweds

Escort Cards and Wedding Favors
One idea that could double as escort cards and wedding favors is a little planted succulent plant. These little favors are great for lasting longer than bubbles or other small trinkets. These even have great symbolism behind them.
Another great idea is to send them home with a candle that is rainbow colored in order to show off your pride!
same sex weddingMaking it a Little More Subtle
Who says your decorations need to include rainbows? It should be all about the two brides or two grooms. Use your favorite colors as the scheme, or possibly even colors that symbolize where you first met. This could mean school colors, company colors, or even sports teams.
Wedding Toppers
Usually you see a man and a woman standing on top of the wedding cake. However now you can put your own toppers with your corresponding gender.
If you’re a cat or dog lover then consider putting breeds that you feel represent yourself and your significant other. Or, to go the extra mile, you can have one custom made for you to look like you and reflect your personality!
There are a number of ways you could approach decorating your wedding. Whether it’s done to reflect the couple or to show off Gay Pride, it should be all about you and your loved ones!

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